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Control Valves


Bellows Seal Control Valves
Sizes 1″ to 6″ (DN25 to DN150)
Body Material cast -A352 LCC C Steel, A351 CFBM St Steel, A494
M35-1 NiCu, CW12MW NiCrMoW, CY40 NiCrFe.
End connections— Class 150, Class 300, PN40.

Our bellows seal control valve product combines the knowledge and know-how of hazardous chemical valves, designed for isolation and zero leakage to the environment, with control valves designed for modulat- ing applications. This product has been designed with the safety fea- tures associated with the latest Euro Chlor GEST 06/318 in mind whilst maintaining the functionality of control valves such as longer stroke to provide a better flow modulation, smoother flow paths and a better pressure recovery factor compared to that of an ON/OFF globe valve. The body assembly has a wider chest to allow the use of more sophisti- cated trims such as multi-stage low noise for gases and anti-cavitation for liquid applications.

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Control Valves for Hazardous Chemical Applications

Features of Bellows Seal Control Valve
Throttling and control function with zero leakage to atmosphere, reliable process isolation and robust designs or ease of operation and maintenance.

  • . Control valve body with long stroke to enable good fluid control from the minimum to maximum process conditions.
  • . Special trims designed to suit specific applications: variety of options available including contoured, single-stage, multi-stage, multi-step and multi stack discs, catering for a variety of fluid conditions including noisy gases and flashing] cavitating liquids
  • . Field proven designs and decades of service experience in a wide range of applications in the chemical, oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries.
  • . 2 or 3 ply UNS N10276 bellows and UNS N10276 end rings.
  • . Open bellows design for ease of examination and maintenance and no bellows damage due to trapped corrosion products.
  • . All testing performed to the requirements of the latest Euro Chlor GEST 06/318 , ANSI 816.34 and ANSI/ FCI 70.2 .
  • . Flow characteristics: Linear, Equal Percentage, Bi-Linear, Tri-Linear and specials.
  • . Sizing software for fluid flow capacity and noise calculations in accordance with IEC 60534-2-1 and IEC 60534-8-3 respectively.
  • . Variety of actuators, positioners and accessories as per end-user’s requirements. Pneumatic spring diaphragm/ piston-cylinder and electro-hydraulic actuators. Pneumatic, electropneumatic and SMART(HART) and Fieldbus enabled positioners. Limit switches and solenoid valves.

Valve Design Features
Body & Bonnet

  • . Minimum wall thickness in accordance with GEST 06/318 (API600).
  • . GEST 06/318 NDE including castings to ASTM E446 Level 2.
  • . All material options available, carbon steel (LT, HT), stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and nickel alloy.
  • . ISA 575.03 standard face-to~face.


  • . Bellows guaranteed for at least 100,000 Open/Close/Open cycles per GEST 06/318.
  • Auxiliary Stuffing Box
  • . 5 ring PTFE chevron packing set, spring loaded, requires no routine maintenance.
  • . Lea-k detection tapping to the inter space between bellows seal and auxiliary gland available as
    op Ion.


Low alloy steel bolting Xylan coated to minimise corrosion and to facilitate easy maintenance.


  • Replaceable.
  • Stellited sealing surface as standard. Soft seal seat available as option.
  • Plug pinned to stem to ensure repeatable flow control.


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