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Isolation Valves 8850/8851


The valves can be fitted with air regulator sets, Solenoid valves for open or emergency shutdown and or, air lock valves for fall in place. A greater level of flexibility to meet customer operational and control needs of their processes.

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Actuated Bellows Seal Isolation Valves—Emergency Shutdown Series 8850/ 1

Features & Benefits
Containment of Dangerous Emissions
All valves are fitted with a UNS N10276 bellows seal guaranteed for 20,000 Open/Close/Open cycles. Valves are also designed with back up secondary pure PTFE packing glands and seals as standard.

Repeatable tight closure and isolation.
For metal to metal seated valves the disc is harder than the seat minimising disc damage during operation ensuring long life for the seating surfaces. Polymer ring soft seat plugs are also available.

Open Bellows Design
Our design of open bellows and bolted top assembly gives easy access to inspect the bellows assembly area. The open design ensures that any corrosion products in the fluid do not get trapped around the bellows causing damage and early failure.

Body Integrity and wall thickness
Small valve bodies and all sizes of bonnets are forgings. Cast body integrity is monitored by 100% x-ray inspection, while wall thickness is in accordance with Eurochlor specifications for use on liquid chlorine services.


Design 8:. Performance
With a strength in design and excellent materials for the containment and isolation of hazardous liquids and gases, the Fig 8850/1 range has built an enviable reputation for long service life and excellent performance.


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