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Isolation Valves 8700 – 8701


Polymerising Applications.

For applications which require low internal volumes of chemicals within the valve body
and will be used on lower pressure applications, Hunt 81 Mitton’s low cost globe pattern
fig 8700/01 isolating valve gives tight shut off and zero emissions outside of the pressure

Manufactured from the same high material content as others in the range and fully tested
at 20 bar pressure, with the bellows unit guaranteed for 10,000 cycles by our team of
engineers at the factory.

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Hazardous Chemical Valves (HCV)
Low Internal Volume Manual Bellows Seal Isolating Valves Series 8700/01 Globe Pattern

Design & Performance
With a strength in design and excellent materials for the
containment and isolation of hazardous liquids and gases, the Series 8700/01 range have bunt an enviable reputation for long service life and excellent performance.

Repeatable tight closure and isolation.
For metal to metal seated valves the disc is harder than the seat minimising disc damage during operation ensuring long life for the seating surfaces. Polymer ring soft seat plugs are also available.

Open Bellows Design
Our design of open bellows and bolted top assembly gives easy access to inspect the bellows assembly area. The open design ensures that any corrosion products in the fluid do not flat trapped around the bellows causing damage and ea y failure.


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