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Isolation Valves 6800/6801


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Hazardous Chemical Valves (HCV)
Manual Packed Seal Isolation Valves—Series 6800/1

Design & Performance
With a strength in design in accordance with GEST 90/150 and
excellent materials for the containment and isolation of hazard-
ous liquids and gases, the Fig 6800/01 range has built an envi-
able reputation for long service life and excellent performance.

Containment of Dangerous Emissions
All valves are fitted with a pure PTFE packing twice the
lengjth of valve travel and protected by a gland scraper
bus as standard.

Repeatable tight closure and Isolation.
For metal to metal seated valves the disc is harder than
the seat minimising disc damage during operation ensur-
ing long life for the seating surfaces.
Polymer ring soft seat plugs are also available.

Packed Gland Design
Our design of packed g‘land combined with a deep pack~
ing chamber of more t an twice the travel ensures zero

Body Integrity and wall thickness
Small valve bodies and all sizes of bonnets are forgings.
Cast body integrity is monitored by 100% x-ray inspec-
tion, while wall thickness is in accordance with Eurochlor
specifications for use on liquid chlorine services.

Hand Wheel Easy Operation
We have ensured that the manual valves are easy to op-
erate using cast three or four spoke large diameter
wheels and the use of needle roller thrust bearings fitted
on sizes 3″ (DN80) and above Class 300 rating, to ensure
easy operation and rotation when opening an closing the

Xylan coated
All studs and nuts are coated with Whitford Xylan anti
corrosion, self lubricating compound .


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